Gathering of Shore Hobby Gamers

GOSHg is a recreational group of people on the Eastern Shore of VA and MD that get together throughout the year to socialize and play non-electronic games. We meet once a month on the last Saturday of each month for an official “GOSHg Games Day” but there are many smaller get togethers during the month as well.

We provide all of the games ourselves, but you ar329129_519786148868_1462512583_oe invited to bring your own. We have all kinds of Board Games, everything from Agricola to Scattergories. Card Games are also available to play, we have several decks of basic Playing Cards and many other Card Games you probably have never heard of. Don’t worry or get overwhelmed if you don’t recognize them at first, they all have rules that are easy to pick up and understand, most of them are easier than Monopoly, and everyone knows Monopoly.

il_fullxfull.395999146_fql8There is also a large group of Magic The Gathering players that have casual games and tournaments all throughout the year as well. So if you have a collection of Magic Cards collecting dust at your house, break em out and bring em in. If you aren’t familiar with Magic The Gathering Card Game come by and learn more. Occasionally we also have a group that works through an RPG Adventure or a Warhammer Miniatures Battle.

At its heart, GOSHg is an attempt to break away from electronics and technology for a short time and enjoy the roots of entertainment. A Positive Atmosphere for Socialization is the center of this group, and bad attitudes or short competitive tempers will be frowned upon and likely will get you uninvited from future events. Basically just keep your cool and have a great time with others with common interests. Learn some new games or bring your own and teach others. Hope to see you soon

To find more information or keep up with the schedule, join our Facebook group, click HERE.

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