Your questions answered on WESR, Expanded!


1.      “Pastor, I’m a spiritual person, but I don’t care to go to church.  What does God say about it?”

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2.      “Pastor, what does God say is the most important work a Christian can do?” 

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3.      “If God is good, why do so many bad things happen?”

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4.        “Pastor, I hear it said that God loves sinners, but you don’t know what I’ve done.  I am not worthy of love and forgiveness.  That can’t be for me, can it?”

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5.        “Pastor, I go to church and live a good life, yet I don’t experience the Christian joy that others talk about.  What’s wrong?”

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If you would like to have your questions answered on the radio, leave them in the comments at the bottom of the page and they could be chosen to be answered by Pastor Steve Jones on WESR Radio!

If your question is already in the comments, leave another letting us know your interest in that particular question!

Or call in with your question at 757-655-5599.

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